Connect to Runic Chain

Method 1: EVM wallet

You can connect to Runic Chain via EVM wallets with the public RPC endpoint below:

Runic Chain Testnet

You can directly access Chainlist to add Runic chains or add networks manually with the configuration below:

Runic Chain Mainnet

Coming soon

Method 2: Bitcoin wallet

Connecting to the Runic network via a Bitcoin wallet is facilitated through Runic's innovative integration with the Particle Network library. This feature enables seamless interaction between Bitcoin users and the Runic Decentralized Application. This unique connectivity is made possible through a simplified mechanism known as BTC Connect.

Essentially, BTC Connect facilitates wallet connection (on Bitcoin Layer-1) with UniSat, OKX, or BitGet, assigning an EVM-based smart account with the wallet in question as its Signer. Therefore, users can execute transactions both through smart accounts and their native Bitcoin account within the same wallet interface.

This architecture is constituted by the following components:

  1. A connection modal aggregates BTC wallets and directly facilitates connection.

  2. An associated smart account deployed on EVM-compatible Bitcoin Layer-2s, authenticated by the previously connected Bitcoin wallet.

  3. Account abstraction infrastructure on said Layer-2s, such as Particle's Omnichain Paymaster, the Particle Bundler, etc.

  4. An embedded wallet that controls and displays the associated smart account, with the capability to send assets, view transactions and balances, etc.)

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